Discount POWERSLIDE XC Superlight MG riedslidės

POWERSLIDE XC Superlight rollerskis




90,00 €

170,00 €

-80,00 €

The light weight of Powerslide: The rollerski and nordic frame XC Superlight has been developed specifically for children and lightweight sportsman, but this frame also works with larger people as extensive tests have shown. The base material of magnesium (20 percent lighter than aluminum) provides for an extremely light weight as well for rigidity and robustness. CNC machined from one piece - for quick movements which show a large force acting on the material.
Optionally the Superlight rollerskis can retrofitted with one or two brake/s. For SNS and NNN bonds.
Length of frame: 20.9 inches (530 mm)
Colour: silver

Price per pair with wheels and bearings.