Pennyboard Choke Dirty Harry 23.75"x6.5" clear orange

Pennyboard Choke Dirty Harry 23.75"x6.5" clear orange




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    The new shape from Choke. With it´s size it is great for cursing around a bit longer. The wider and concave shaped top offers a better platform for higher performance. Also the kick on heel is a bit longer and higher for better control and manovourabiliy. A great combination for urban cruising, strang and with lots of reinforcements on the bottom that also provides flex and pop. The top is grippy so the foot will sit secure on the top and guiding the board in the wanted direction.

Deck: size: 23,75 inch x 6,5 inch
PP composite / PC for clear material

Truck: 3,5 inch original Alumiunium casted Juicy trucks with Jelly interlock cushions

Wheels: 60x45mm, Juicy 78A more durable super high rebound wheels

Bearings: Wicked ABEC 5 bearings