Powerslide Khaan Junior PRO skates

Powerslide Khaan Junior PRO skates



  • 27-30
  • 35-38

129,00 €

The Powerslide Khaan Junior Pro inline skate is ideal for kids starting with skating. The hard shell provides superior support making it easy to learn skating as well as first little tricks. This 4-size adjustable kids skate is made for extreme use and abuse. Thanks to the option to shift the frame side to side kids stay better balanced on their skates and have more control, which helps to learn to skate easier and faster. The special feature of the skate is the Volt 2in1 aluminum casted frame which makes it possible to convert this 4-wheel skate into a "new" model with three bigger wheels. The Khaan Junior Pro is powered by Wicked ABEC 9 bearings and Powerslide Spinner PU-wheels. Fun and action is guaranteed with the Khaan Junior Pro skate from Powerslide.

45° closuremicro adjustable Spider ratchet buckle
Flex cuff (back to front)medium
LinerKhaan liner with stretch toe
Liner top closureno
Innersolesimple EVA
Material cuffpolpropylene
Material shellpolypropylene
Mounting standard2-point 129mm, 145mm, 165mm, 180mm
material uppernylon incl. size adj. stretch toe
skate height in cm26cm (size 31-34)
Stiffness boot fronthigh
Support cuff (lateral)medium
Top closuremicro adjustabe buckle
Front foot closurestandard lacing
shell heat moldabilitynot heat moldable
Stiffness boot heelmedium
ModelPowerslide Volt 2 in 1
Manufacturing processextruded and CNC machining
Material6061 aircraft aluminum
Mounting standard2-point 129mm, 145mm, 165mm, 180mm
Axlessteel single axle, 8mm, hex 4mm
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM)207mm / 219mm / 231mm / 243mm
Max. wheel size76mm / 80mm / 84mm / 90mm
adjustable front to backno
Adjustable side to sideyes
NamePowerslide Spinner
Diameter76mm / 80mm / 84mm / 90mm
Bearing standard608 standard
Spaceriron tube spacer, 8mm
Compoundcruising comfort
BrandWCD Wicked 
Standard608 standard
RatingABEC 9
LubricationKyodo grease
Size attributadjustable
Weight1025g (size 31-34)
Extra hardwaretool hex
Size brake padno