Kuprinė riedučiams SEBA Large Red

SEBA Large Red Backpack




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The Seba backpack will last you a lifetime. It is made from strong material and has lots of details - like an airflow system and wide strong shoulder straps - that make this one heaven to wear, even for a longer time.

  • Airflow System
  • The back has a plastic sheet inside, which stops anything inside the backpack from digging into your back, but it also creates an ergonomic gap between you and the backpack, which is great when you're wearing it for a while (no backpack sweat!).
  • The horizontal block of padding at the top and the two smaller pieces of padding at the bottom corners also help make this the perfect backpack to wear for a longer while.
  • The straps don't have padding, but are wide and sturdy, which makes the backpack strong and comfortable to wear.
  • The attached chest strap is adjustable up and down, as well as for tightness. These straps all have reflective stripes.