EnForma trekking socks

EnForma trekking socks



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TheseTrekking socks are perfect for winter activities, in medium and high altitude mountains as well as low temperatures. The thermoregulatory properties of Silk Merino wool are effective even with a wet sock.




– Self-adjusting Cuff
– Special mesh fabric to facilitate sweat evaporation
– Protector tongue
– Instep protector
– Finger protector
– Inverted seam to prevent chafing
– Anatomical ankle support
– Special reinforcement for the Achilles tendon
– Heel and toe reinforcement
– Arch sole foot protector
– cushioned tread support
– Anatomic design


MERINO WOOL/SILK: One of the most important properties of merino/silk wool is hydrophobicity (thermoregulation) through a thermodynamic process of heat exchange. In cold and humid conditions, an exothermic process is generated which releases body heat and vice versa. In warm and dry environmental conditions, it loses the water vapour retained in the fibres towards the outside, absorbing the heat from the human body and producing a sensation of freshness.
Characteristics of merino/silk wool:
-Biodegradable (environmentally friendly)
-Ecological (renewable and recyclable)
-Fire resistance (burns briefly and extinguishes itself)
-Voluminosity (high air content inside)
-UV protection (natural due to the presence of keratin)
-Odour absorption (merino wools have bactericidal properties)
-Antistatic (the mixture with silk, unlike synthetic fabrics, allows it not to be charged with static energy)
LYCRA: "NILIT bodyfresh" treatment is an antibacterial treatment for bad odours. This antibacterial additive added directly on the polymer retains the antibacterial properties after several washes.


Thermal resistance up to -20ºC


ENFORMA socks are designed to ensure excellent quality and durability. This is why proper care of socks is very important so that their qualities remain the same as the first day. If you want your socks to stay in perfect condition, we recommend you to wash them inside out so that they do not lose colour and continue to look new. Wash at a maximum temperature of 30º and with a non-aggressive liquid detergent. Avoid at all costs the use of the tumble dryer and the ironing because the high temperatures affect the elasticity of the fabrics.