Lygumų slidinėjimo lazdos Fischer RC10 QF

Lygumų slidinėjimo lazdos Fischer RC10 QF



  • 145 cm

169,00 €

     Skiers who are hungry for success count on high tech from the World Cup: with the stable RC10 QF carbon pole. Thanks to Multi Tip System it stands out on the track in all conditions and, with its Quick Fit Strap, guarantees easy hand insertion and removal.


Breaking Strtength 4.2 - Essential Mechanical value which represents the breaking resistance of the shaft in the event of unforseeable external impact.

Lightweight 4,4 - Aluminium or carbon with varying quality grades - the the material is a considerable factor in determining the weight of the pole. Every gram counts, as always. Especially for pros who want a convincing performance in ski marathon and races.

Stiffness 4,6 - This factor determines the efficiency of the power transfer in the kick action. The higher the value, the more power you feel in the form of enormous forward thrust.

Swingweight 4,3 - Inertia influences swing behaviour and thus has a fundamental effect on handling and power exertion when skiing. Optimum pole weight distribution ensures top performance.

  • Z40215
  • Shaft Material: Air Carbon HM 4.6
  • Handle: Cork Lite Grip
  • Basket: Multi Tip Aero S
  • Sizes: 135-175 (2.5cm) / K155, K175
  • Shaft diameter: 16:9mm
  • Strap: Quick Fit Strap
  • Tip: Gesintertes Metall