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Nordblanc Longy baselayer pants



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This functional and practical thermal pants are a good choice for colder weather. The baselayer NORDBLANC LONGY is very comfortable. It is also suitable for extreme sports. Ideal for spring and autumn or for increased activity in winter.


Functional underpants made of soft DRYFOR® active thermo material, which keeps you warm in cold conditions. When you sweat, the structure of the fabric of varying thickness wicks the moisture into the top layer and passes it to other layers for evaporation. The skin remains dry and the cold sweat won´t make you feel chilly. That dramatically increases body comfort, stamina and heat regulation. The underpants do not limit the movement and flat seams eliminate uncomfortable friction on the skin. It´s suitable as baselayer for all activities, but during the cold conditions we recommend you to take heavier thermal underpants.


  • QUICK-DRYINGAbsorbs excessive moisture and wicks away sweat that evaporates quicker, keeps you dry and comfortable at all times.
  • ELASTICFarbic stretch enables a free range of movement and maximum comfort during any activity.


Material: 100% polyestér

To extend the life of your sports and technical clothes, it is necessary to take care of them the right way. That depends particularly on the kind and characteristics of the material of which an item is made.
  • DRYFOR®A functional fiber that absorbs body moisture and has quick dry function. Thanks to microwaves on its surface, moisture is efficiently drained to the outside of the material where it evaporates rapidly, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. This feature allows the material to provide perfect body temperature control.