Discount Stunt scooter Tempish Ventus Elox 110

Stunt scooter Tempish Ventus Elox 110




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The VENTUS ELOX 110 scooter is designed for freestyle, it is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 110mm, hardness 85A. Head composition: threaded. Compression system: threaded + 3 screw clamp.

There are 120mm TPR grips on the reinforced handlebars made of high-quality aluminium alloy 580x500mm (22.8”x19.7”). The board is two-profiled. The fork is made of steel.

This scooter is anodized. Anodizing is a type of chemical-thermal treatment of aluminium products. It consists in the formation of a protective layer of aluminium oxide on the treated surface, thanks to which this layer no longer oxidizes and thus protects the aluminium itself from oxidation.

Recommended useStreet/Freestyle beginners and advanced riders.
MaterialAL alloy + steel
Wheels110 mm
Wheel hardness85A
BearingsABEC 9 chrome steel
Compression systemThreaded + 3 screw clamp Threaded + 3 screw clamp
Screwfront 29mm, back 56mm
Footboard length50 cm
Width of the scooter deck11 cm
Handlebars width50 cm
Handlebars height58 cm
Weight limit [kg]100