Kalnų slidinėjimo lazdos Leki Xeos S

Leki Xeos S ski poles



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Apt title, catchy design, great equipment. XEOS S impresses with high strength aluminum tube and comfy handles Trigger S with safety release and interchangeable plates Cobra. Prepare the track, get set, go!

  • series Unisex
  • Construction of Fixed Length
  • Grip Trigger S (All Mountain - Slalom)
  • Trigger S strap (Vario)
  • segments piece
  • Pipe diameter 16 mm
  • Pipe material Aluminium (HTS 5.5)
  • Alpine saucers (Cobra)
  • Steel tip Tip
  • Length / size of 110-135 cm
  • Weight 220 g / head length 120 cm