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CAIRN NEXT goggles




27,00 €

45,00 €


Lightness, comfort and perfect fit to all helmets: a faultless for the 10-14 year-old.

  • Spherical and panoramic double lens cat.3
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Colored double density foam
  • Side wings to adjust to the helmet
  • Taille | Size : 10 - 14 years


Cairn SPX spherical lenses are curved in

3 dimensions. They offer excellent optical

quality, without distortion, and a field of

view widened from top to bottom thanks to

their horizontal and vertical curve.

All Cairn goggles are equipped with double

lens. Working like a double glazing, they

contain a layer of air between the two

screens that regulates the temperature

difference between the inside and outside

of the goggles thus limiting the formation of


The lenses are also covered with an anti-fog

treatment on their inside which also helps

reduce the appearance of fogging.