Apsauginiai šortai Ennui BLVD

Ennui BLVD protective shorts



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These breathable spandex based protective shorts from ENNUI are made with the new famous MYFIT SPC material, which has an amazing shock absorption function and is super long lasting. This material covers the hip and side as well as the tailbone area. In the areas between, EVA embossed material has been added to the shockpants in order to save weight but still have high impact protection. The big waist and leg bands secure a perfect fit without slipping. The shorts can be hand washed and are made for all action summer and winter sports and will absorb the biggest impacts from asphalt, concrete, steel or snow.

Recommended for: inline skating, skateboard, BMX, MTB, scooter, streetboard, longboard, roller derby, snow sports and water sports

Padding:high impact EVA

Safety rating: A+++