Kalnų slidinėjimo batai Fischer Ranger 12

Fischer Ranger 12 ski boots



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Fischer is well known for producing some of the best race equipment on the planet.  Most likely their race background is the reason they developed a hike mode that doesn't sacrifice any on trail performance.  Unlike most hike modes the Ranger 11 has Hike/Ride/Lock, competitors just have Hike/Ride.  The Lock feature locks the upper and lower cuff together similar to how race boot shells are connected.  Skiers that use the Ranger 12 will have more adjustability for varying snow conditions and terrain.  Other than having a killer hike mode, the out of the box 101mm lasted boot has the ability to shrink or stretch from 96 - 106mm when vacuumed.  The boot fits very well out of the box but for skiers that have a super narrow or wide foot, don't worry we can make this boot work for you.  

The picture doesn't do the boot enough justice, it looks way sicker in person.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

A forward flex of 120 and an adjustable boot last of 96-106 mm.

Vacuum Fit - Fischer's Two Zone Vacuum Fit gives the ski boots a 100% custom fit that provides you with maximum performance. The two separate vacuum zones offer a unique boot fitting experience. During the vacuum process, the pressure to each zone is separately controlled allowing for an exact fit to the entire forefoot, ankle and lower leg. No ski boot manufacturer on the planet can offer such customization and guaranteed performance.

Boot Shell

Vacu-Plast - This shell technology allows the entire ski boot to be custom moldable. Using Fischer's two zone vacuum process this boot shell will adapt, shape and contour to the anatomy of your foot, ankle and lower leg.

SOMA Tec - Fisher designs their shells to allow your feet to naturally sit inside the ski boots. By having your feet in a more natural "V-Position", you're able to maximize power transfer and have more precise control. It also helps minimize ski fatigue.

Boot Liner

Thermoshape PE - A multi-layer construction that features a PE material placed directly above Ultralon EVA foam. This allows the liner to be extremely conformable, and easily adapt to any foot shape.

Full Custom Liner - The entire liner is 100% heat moldable. This helps achieve a full custom fit throughout the entire liner. Equally maximizes comfort and control.

Thermo Toebox - A heat moldable neoprene toe box perfectly shapes to your forefoot, adding warmth and customization.

Ultralon Padding - The entire heel pocket is lined with Ultralon padding for increased energy transfer and support.

Motion Support Liner - This liner is awesome for skier's that will be popping in-and-out of hike mode. The liner accommodates a huge range of motion.


Adventure Buckles - Big and beefy. These metal micro-adjustable buckles will get the job done.

Vacuum Ranger 45 MM Power Strap - Added support when you need it most.

Additional Awesomeness

Rapid Slide System - Getting your boots on-and-off has never been easier. The slick material on the top of the boot liner is paired with a soft shell material of the instep, for super easy boot entry and exit.

Heat System Ready - Easily attach your boot heaters because the boot is already rigged up!

Hike Ride Lock - Allows for quick-and-easy transition from ski-to-hike and vice versa.

Anti-Slide Soleplates - Adds extra grip on all surfaces.

Shock Absorber - Helps absorb impacts from hard landings.