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Tempish WORTEX ice hockey skates



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Ice-skate intended for players of middle and lower contests, hobby hockey and recreational sport. Outer material is special resistant PVC (Edmont-Flex), waterproof, elastic up to -25°C, skate adjusts perfectly to the shape of a foot. Technical, fine-micro nylon with printing. New technology in boot construction ensures perfect adaptation to the foot shape. Layer construction by LAYERS MEMORY OPTIMAL FIT technology ensuring tight and comfortable foot position in the boot. New plastic cap construction made of STATIC PU material, seamless connection to the inner lining of the boot. The boot has an anatomically shaped ankle protected by plastic stiffener against impact from a puck or a hockey stick. Two-part tongue is anatomically shaped for more stable position on an instep. 3D construction thanks to the shape and seaming. Material – special resistant PVC – (Edmont-Flex) + felt 7mm. Inner material CAMBRA brushed nylon resistant against abrasion. Latex and soft foam based bandage. The hockey set is equipped with lightweight skate TEMPISH AIR. Blade is stainless, heat treated steel HRC 53-54.

Size: 38 - 46

Recommended usePlayers of middle and lower contests, recreational sport
Outer materialResistant PVC (RTC 07) - elastic to -25°C. Technical fine-micro nylon, strenghthened by PVC straps and sewing.
Inner materialCAMBRA 26Z brushed nylon
Tongue constructionAnatomical one-piece tongue, material: special resistant PVC - RTC 07 + felt 7 mm
ConstructionAnatomical shape of the skeleton in the ankle area
LiningAnatomical bandage with latex and foam-based memory + 102
BladeTEMPISH AIR. stainless steel, blade form - big rockering for technical skaters, HRC 53-54
Fastening systemLaces - antislip cover
Level of optimal sport loading2
Quantity of pcs in carton6

Length of inner liner:

EU 38 - 24,0 cm

EU 39 - 24,6 cm

EU 40 - 25,3 cm

EU 41 - 25,7 cm

EU 42 - 26,2 cm

EU 43 - 26,7 cm

EU 44 - 27,5 cm

EU 45 - 28,3 cm

EU 46 - 29,0 cm