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Reign Zeus inline skates



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Reign Zeus - made to beat up your rival. With the REIGN Zeus hockey skate you will make a huge impact. Skate harder, faster, be more agile and have more control in the game to beat your rivals. The patented 3-point TRINITY mounting makes your game more efficient and effective. You can customize the frame position under your boot to suit your needs and give you an advantage over the rest of the field. The 3x100mm setup gives you the extra speed to reach the goal faster than ever before. In addition, the Prime Centurio outdoor wheels offers you a perfect Grip and roll. Reach for gold with the Reign Zeus.
Extra hardwaretool - T25 torx
Size attributesingle
Fit/sizesnormal to wide / normal
Modelno, optional Road Hog brake
Size brake padno, optional one size
AxlesSingle axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25
ModelPowerslide Ego TRINITY
Manufacturing processextruded and CNC machined to perfection
Max. wheel size100 mm
Mounting standardTrinity 3-point
Frame length8.5" (215mm)
ModelPrime Centurio
Bearing standard608 standard
Divisionhigh end outdooroutdoor
brandWCD Wicked
Materialchrome steel
RatingABEC 7
Type608 standard
45° closurelacing with waxed laces
Flex cuff (back to front)medium to high
Linerbuilt in liner with Recall memory fit and antislip microfiber lining
Liner top closurewaxed lacing
InnersoleEVA skatesole
Material cuffbuilt in endoskeleton cuff
Material shellGlasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff
Mounting standardTrinity 3-point
material uppernano leather, polyurethane-leather, leather
TypeHybrid composite
shell heat moldabilityMYFIT shell with 90° C
Top closurelacing with waxed laces
Front foot closurelacing with waxed laces